* All V-GLOBALTEXT customers are required to use V-SMART

* To become a V-GLOBALTEXT customers, purchase V-SMART first, then in your backoffice, purchase V-GLOBALTEXT

Why Choose Your Virtual Portal

Your Virtual Portal is a world-wide leader in mobile messaging, which allow our customers to communicate to their business community or personal contacts on their cell phone. Your Virtual Portal's world-wide presence provides short message services (SMS) to over 959 mobile networks in over 215 countries This gives our customers the opportunity to reach over 80% of the planet’s population, or up to 6 billion mobile phone users. 
What Makes V-GLOBALTEXT Unique

Global Coverage Per Time Zone
Delivering a message needs to be at the right time, every time. You determine what time your message goes out, and we ensure that it goes out at that time.

Cost Effective
Small businesses love our pricing, as we are a bulk supplier.

Confirmations and up-to-date message delivery statuses.