Digital Phone App Community Discount Cards are available now on V-SMART anywhere in the country! We just completed our successful year with a 6 school fundraiser for our Community Discount Card App, in the Tampa, Florida area. No more cards are needed for your non-profit fundraiser when the Phone Community Discount Card App by V-SMART is used. Yes, your customer sows their phone to the participating Discount Retailer and the customer receives "on the spot savings" through the Community Discount Card Portal App!

Non-Profits, you can select who you want to be on the card, in your own Community.

​We provide full-service Community Discount Card fundraiser for your non-profit, or profit based business via our portal/app from start to finish that includes:

Launch Kit:

1. Community Discount Card Vendor Set-Up Forms (PDF's emailed for self print; unlimited revisions)

a) Introduction/explanation of the program for the vendor to keep for his/her records (to be used on face-to-face appointment)
b) Vendor sign up form with place for discount offer

​2. Graphics Department:

a) Creation/design of Community Discount Card portal
b) Updates from Vendors to portal – 1 year from date of commencement
c) Design and lamination of 50 vendor instructions for new employees - cash register placement recommended to ensure excellent customer service to your Community Discount Card users
d) Design and lamination of 50 vendor window advertisement - “We accept the Community Discount Card”
e) Design of physical Community Discount Card (unlimited revisions, until 3 days before print day)
f) 6' vertical banner design and delivery – freestanding to announce card availability, that can be used inside the facility (optional)
g) 10' horizontal banner design and delivery – freestanding to announce card availability, that can be used in the facility (optional)

Video Services: 

3. Professional introductory video announcing the Community Discount Card is available, and simply flash your phone for instant, on the-spot discounts


4. Introductory SMS text to each consumer with unique Community Discount Card portal (optional)
5. Instructions to save to consumers' homescreen (included on portal)
6. Integrated email communication via the portal directly to your email address and phone for any user/consumer/vendor questions
7. Or, (optional) dedicated support representative from Your Virtual Portal to answer/intercept any/all questions related to the Community Discount Card